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Serving the MidWest

Servicing the MidWest 



Welding Inspection

Geraldton Welding Center delivers a premium Inspection Service to our clients and their projects. Our inspectors are full trained and highly experienced.


Welder Qualification Testing

We can perform various qualification and testing services in order to verify that the welder or welding operator is capable of making welds within the scope of that standard or that the instructions in the welding procedure specifications are accurate.


Non-destructive testing

We offer a comprehensive range of non destructive testing, engineering inspection and consultancy. Our Inspectors are¬†experienced and knowledgeable personnel with the commitment to provide our customers with a Non Destructive Testing service that’s second to none.


Destructive Testing

Our Destructive testing services include mechanical testing (tensile, bend and impact tests), hardness testing, macro and micro testing as well as material analysis and metallographic examinations.

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